UltraScan Reference Entry:

Attention: Your help is needed!

We are currently building a reference list to aid in securing further grant support for the UltraScan development, and to provide a reference database for UltraScan users. If you have a publication that used UltraScan for data analysis please help us by supplying the reference and some salient information about your work to our database. We will quote your reference in our next grant application and make it available as a searchable applications database. The database will be user-maintained, please contribute to it.

We would like to show to the funding agency that the software is used by many users and results in a wide range of publications. This will help us to secure further funding for the continued development of the software. Your contribution is much appreciated and will help us and other UltraScan users. When the database is complete, we will make a search interface to it available so you can search for related publications.

Thank you again very much for your help!

This is the manual entry version. The preferred method is the PubMed search form, which you can find here.

Or you may add to the information resource by supplying the information requested below:
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Synthetic Polymers/Colloids
Glycosylated Proteins
Membrane Proteins

UltraScan Analysis Method used:

Teragrid Supercomputing
Finite Element Analysis
van Holde - Weischet Analysis
2-dimensional Spectrum Analysis
Genetic Algorithm Analysis
Global Velocity Analysis
Monte Carlo Analysis
Discrete Nonlinear Model GA
Global Equilibrium Analysis
Extinction Spectrum Analysis
US-SOMO/Bead Modeling

Thank you very much for your help in making this database a success and for your support of UltraScan.